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Data Science Project: Virality Predictor

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Author: Brandon Yuong Original Code for the Analysis Data Source Specifications The file ​user_interactions​ contains logs of user interactions on shared articles. It can be joined to shared_articles.csv​ by ​contentId​ column. The eventType values are: ● VIEW: The user has … Read More

Foundational Mathematics for Machine Learning

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Machine learning is an increasingly popular field in computer science that involves a lot of mathematics. Those getting started on reading top published papers in ML may find themselves like a deer in the headlights in terms of the math … Read More

The Art of Software Design

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Having working programs is good. Having working programs with a clean design is excellent. Many programmers focus on making their programs work then end at that. Software design is an afterthought. It should be the priority. Good software design has … Read More

Programming in C: Speed Wins!

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In every age, in every competition, in every race, in every battle, in every war, speed wins. If not, then you need to overcompensate in another parameter to beat speed. When it comes to software, speed (and by corollary, efficiency) … Read More

Mutation and the Risk of Bugs

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Why choose immutable types when mutable types are more powerful? Performance is often the reason we choose to use mutable objects. Another would be convenient sharing, two parts of a program could communicate better by sharing a common, mutable data … Read More

Don’t Code Without Specifications

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Would you hire a contractor to build you a house without a contract? That’s asking for a disaster. When writing a program that is safe from bugs, easy to read, and ready for change, specifications help. Specifications describe how a … Read More